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Personalised Number Plates

Personalisation is the term given to an act where someone defines an article to his or her own individual specifications or tastes in order to be different to everyone else. Personalised number plates allow an individual to choose their own form of personalisation for their vehicle.

Generally speaking when you buy a car or motorcycle or any vehicle for that matter, the vehicle registration mark allocated by the DVLA system will be non-descript and quite boring although it will be exclusive by virtue of the fact that everyone must display a different number plate on their vehicle.

Choosing A Personalised Number Plate

Choose your own personal number platesIf you are choosing personalised plates, you will be making a statement or just making a car more attractive by having a bit of fun. There are lots of reasons for buying personal number plates. One reason is to disguise the age of your car by adding a non year letter number plate like a cherished number plate or a cheap Irish registration, as they do not show when the registration marks were issued which in turn don’t let drivers see how old the vehicle is via the registration plates.

Why Buy Personalised Number Plates?

Personalised plates are a great tool for limousine or Chauffeur companies as well as coach companies and funeral directors who keep their vehicles for many years as private plates only cost a few hundred pounds. The most popular reason for buying private number plates is to add individuality to the car, although there are lots of other reasons like advertising for example. Lots of business owners buy personalised vehicle registrations to advertise their company name. It’s a great way for other motorists to remember the business.

Personalised Number Plates As A Gift

And let’s not forget birthdays, Christmas, weddings and anniversarys where a personal number plate makes an ideal and long lasting gift idea that can be tailored to a name, date, place or memory. We have sold almost 100,000 personal registration plates all over the UK and have hundreds of reviews from customers approving our credibility as the National favourite number plate supplier.

We are also a driver and vehicle licensing agency authorised reseller of personalised registrations with a huge selection of number plates to choose from. Whatever your reasons for choosing personalised number plates, be it a number plate for business or pleasure, or just to hide the age of your vehicle, call Katherine on 01639 888833 and she will be able to help you find and purchase the perfect number plate and also assist with the transfer process.